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You already know that common concerns like pet dander and pollen can pollute the air supply in your Tarpon Springs, Florida, home. But did you know that some of the biggest threats to your home’s air quality could be lurking undiscovered? From inconsistent temperatures to harsh chemicals, discover five unexpected things that affect indoor air quality and learn how to address them.

Inconsistent Temperatures

You might not mind if your home’s temperature fluctuates frequently, but inconsistent temperatures can contribute to poor indoor air quality. When you adjust the temperature manually throughout the day or over the course of the week, you don’t allow the air conditioner to run consistently. Since your air conditioner handles essential air filtration and dehumidification, this habit can lead to unhealthy indoor air.

To put your home’s temperature on a consistent track, the Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating team recommends investing in a smart thermostat and programming a regular cooling schedule. Then, check the thermostat’s energy reports periodically to check for energy spikes and dips, which can signal indoor air quality issues and may lead to high utility bills.

Excess Moisture

When you live in Florida, high humidity is a way of life, especially during the sticky summer months. Even if you don’t mind the humidity, however, you’ll want to keep it outside where it belongs. After all, excess moisture in your home’s air can contribute to a host of indoor air quality problems, including the dust mites that make your family members sneeze. High humidity can also lead to frequent air conditioner breakdowns as your cooling system works harder than ever to moderate moisture and keep you cool.

You can easily address excess moisture by setting your thermostat’s relative humidity level to 50 percent or lower, but a major problem with high humidity may require a whole-house dehumidifier or another advanced solution. To put your humidity concerns to rest, schedule an air quality consultation with our team and find out which solution best addresses your home’s humidity woes.

Poor Ventilation

If bad odors tend to linger in your home or collect in certain rooms, don’t merely cover them up with air fresheners or frequent cleaning sessions. After all, unpleasant smells can signal serious indoor air quality problems like poor ventilation.

Whether your home has a tight building envelope that prevents natural ventilation or your home’s ductwork compromises consistent airflow, our team will help you get to the bottom of the issue. We’ll also advise about and install reliable solutions like energy-recovery ventilators that are compatible with your HVAC system.

Harsh Chemicals and Synthetic Materials

No matter how much you embrace a natural lifestyle, you’d be surprised to discover just how easily harsh chemicals can invite themselves into your home. From the cleaning supplies you use in the kitchen to the adhesives that hold your furniture together, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are everywhere in your home. These chemicals can have a major impact on your indoor air quality.

You don’t have to wait for respiratory issues or other common signs to arise before taking action against harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Consider banning VOCs from your home entirely, and then talk with our team about investing in a whole-home air purifier. This type of device can tackle lingering VOCs and other pollutants that contaminate your home’s air.

Outdoor Air Pollution

Even if you tend to keep doors and windows closed all year round, outdoor pollution can still affect your home’s indoor air quality. While a clean HVAC filter or a whole-home air cleaner can address some of the most common pollutants, you’ll need a stronger solution if your home is at risk of serious contaminants like radon.

To tackle radon, our team typically recommends a combination of professional testing and a detector. With both of these solutions in place, you’ll keep your home’s air free from radon and protect your family from the potentially deadly effects from exposure.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality impact your health, comfort, or wallet. Call Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating at (727) 877-3189 for expert help in identifying and addressing the source of your home’s air quality problems.

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