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AC units play an important role in making your Palm Harbor, FL home comfortable by maintaining an ideal temperature and helping keep you cool in the summer. But like other mechanical systems, they occasionally break down and need some repair. The following are signs that you need to schedule repair services for your AC system.

High Electric Bills

If you are experiencing unusually high electric bills, your AC unit might have broken down and is not regulating the temperature inside your home effectively. When your AC unit breaks down, the temperature inside your house will increase, which in turn causes your air conditioner to run longer and consume more energy.

Some of the common issues related to your AC unit that could be the cause of the spike in your electric bills include a faulty thermostat or leaky ducts. To solve any issues related to your AC, you can hire a qualified HVAC technician to conduct regular maintenance on your AC systems. Additionally, if any component within your AC unit needs repair, make sure you have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A poorly-functioning AC unit results in poor indoor air quality. If you notice that you have an adverse reaction to the air, such as respiratory symptoms, skin irritation, or eye irritation, it means that the indoor air quality in your home is not at par. This signifies that your AC unit is not properly removing pollutants from the air.

You can help this problem by getting your AC unit serviced regularly and installing a high-quality air filtration system. You should also ensure that your HVAC filters are regularly cleaned and replaced to help improve the air quality in your Palm Harbor, FL home.

Noisy AC

AC units are not entirely silent, but you ensure to look out for any strange noises. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your AC, such as a shrieking sound or unusual banging sound, your fan or the blower motor is likely broken.

If you hear rattling, knocking, or humming sounds coming from your AC unit, it’s a sign that the moving parts of your AC could be loose. The unusual sounds may also result from dirt or leaves inside the condenser unit or loose fan blades. If you notice these signs, you should have your AC unit checked out and serviced by an HVAC professional.

Warm Air

If your AC unit is not cooling your house properly, it’s a sign that you need an AC repair. An efficient and fully functional AC unit should be able to cool all the rooms in your home effectively without overworking. If you notice that the temperature in your house is too warm, it’s possibly because of a leaking refrigerant.

When warm air enters the evaporator, a leak in your refrigerant line gets created. In turn, this leads to the circulation of warm air inside your Palm Harbor, FL home. You can fix this problem by having an AC repair team inspect the refrigerant lines in your home.

High Humidity

If you have a faulty AC unit, your air conditioner will be unable to effectively suck excess moisture from the air circulating in your home. This causes the humidity levels inside your home to increase, making the surroundings and surfaces in your home feel sticky and wet.

Schedule an AC repair service if your AC unit is not maintaining the humidity in your home at optimum levels. You can also install a dehumidifier to get rid of excess moisture from the air and improve the air quality in your home.

Foul Smells

A foul smell could be an indication that your AC unit is not properly removing pollutants from the air. When pollutants aren’t removed from the air, they can create a foul odor in your home.

A foul smell can also be a sign that there is a leak in your AC unit. In this case, you should have an AC repair service inspect your AC components to determine the source of leakage and fix the problem.

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