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We’ve all heard about air pollution outside our homes, but did you know that the air inside your Port Richey, Florida, home can be polluted as well? Indoor air pollution can cause asthma attacks, coughs, and many other disturbing problems. There are quite a few things that can be contributors to air pollution inside your home. The following are a few examples of what can cause air pollution in your home.

Biological Agents

Pet dander, pollen, and even viruses can travel in your ducts and help to pollute the air inside your home. Even the cleanest homes have biological agents that can pollute the air. If you have a pet, it doesn’t matter how clean it is; there’s a good chance that there is dander floating around in the air. Pollen travels via plants, bugs, and ducts, and if you are in an area where it is prominent, it will definitely be in your home as well. Airborne viruses are also a common air pollutant. Any recent cough or sickness could cause a problem.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

As nice as a fire sounds on cool evenings here in Florida, it can potentially cause significant air pollution in your home. If you also have dirty ducts or an old air filter, the smoke can create pollution in the air inside your house. Not only is it horrible for your lungs, but it can also cause pollution that is difficult to remove from your home.

Building Materials

Some common building materials, such as particleboard and fiberboard, can emit gases like formaldehyde. These gases can cause nausea, watery eyes, and a host of other issues. If you’ve had a recent remodel, add-on, or even just built some furniture, there is a good chance you have air pollution in your home.

The good news is that this can be avoided. At Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating, we are always happy to answer your questions about your home’s indoor air quality. Call us today at (727) 877-3189 to learn more about our services.

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