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Your heat pump offers both heating and cooling to your New Port Richey, Florida, home. However, it probably spends most of its time cooling, and may not get the care it needs to make the transition efficiently in the winter months. Make sure you’re including the following maintenance tasks in your cleaning routine for a properly functioning heat pump. Providing the proper care now will help you stay comfortable all season.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Although it’s easy to overlook your annual maintenance visits, a yearly tune-up from one of our technicians is crucial for efficient heat pump operation. During this visit, we measure refrigerant levels, tighten the connections at electrical terminals, inspect belts, lubricate motors, and test the system to make sure it’s operating properly.

Since your heat pump both heats and cools your home, we pay particular attention to the electric control. This control is responsible for helping your system switch back and forth between heating mode and cooling mode.

Keep Filters Clean

Change the filter in your heat pump at least once every three months. Get in the habit of inspecting the filter monthly. A dirty filter leads to reduced airflow. This will cause your energy bills to spike and put unnecessary strain on the system. If it’s visibly dirty, you should change it sooner. This will improve your system’s operation and help you keep a cleaner system and home.

Attend to the Outside Unit

Inspect the outdoor unit of your heat pump and make sure there are no obstructions that will get in the way of airflow. Clear away vegetation, leaves, sticks, and anything else that might stop air from moving freely. This is particularly important if you have any kind of creeping vines that can take hold and grow around the unit.

If your system is overdue for maintenance, give Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating a call at (727) 877-3189. We’ll make sure your heat pump is in good working condition and ready for the season ahead.

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