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While most conventional HVAC systems only work at one speed, a variable-speed HVAC system has several settings to precisely meet your needs. It can make your Port Richey, Florida, home more valuable and reduce your utility bills. A variable-speed HVAC system will increase your comfort, help you save energy, and improve your indoor air quality.

More Comfort

Traditional HVAC systems work until the temperature in your home matches the temperature setting on your thermostat. The systems will then shut off until your house becomes too hot or cold. This causes them to turn on and off multiple times per day, creating uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Variable-speed systems stay on at low speeds most of the time, and many can increase their fan speed automatically when needed. You can enjoy a constant temperature and a quieter heater or air conditioner.

Energy Savings

Since variable-speed systems don’t often have to work at their full capacity, they don’t need as much energy as other models. They’re more costly than many available HVAC systems, but you’ll get your investment back through energy savings and a greater value for your home. Variable-speed heaters and air conditioners also get less wear and last longer than other units.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Since variable-speed systems stay running most of the time, they can control the humidity in your home more effectively. They can also remove more contaminants by circulating additional air through your air filter. That way, you won’t need to vacuum or dust as often. You and your family members can also avoid asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, eye irritation, and many other consequences of poor indoor air quality.

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