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Because Port Richey air conditioners are such workhorses, they can develop issues over just about anything. However, some AC problems are more common than others. Here are the top four AC repair issues that you may face this summer:

1. Refrigerant or Freon Leak

Air conditioners are equipped with enough refrigerant to last for the life of the unit. If your AC needs a Freon charge, there’s a leak. Apart from puddles on the floor, a refrigerant leak can produce lukewarm or barely cool airflow. You might also see ice on the evaporator coil.

2. Condensate Line Clog

If the condensate drain line isn’t flushed regularly, it develops a sticky coating of dirt and algae. This line provides an exit for the moisture your AC extracts from indoor air. If the moisture can’t get through the drain line and backs up, you might notice poor airflow, toxic organic growth, drywall leaks, foul odors, puddles on the floor, water backing up in your air conditioner and ice on the AC evaporator coil.

3. Worn Out Fan Belt

The most common symptom of a worn belt is loud screeching. As long as you replace the belt before it breaks, you’ll only have a minor AC repair to deal with. Don’t wait until the belt breaks, or the blower fan will stop working.

4. Poor Indoor Comfort

If your AC no longer keeps you cool, it may be AC replacement time. This is especially true if the unit is over 15 years old or has received spotty maintenance. You can cut installation costs by cashing in on dealer specials and manufacturers’ rebates. In addition to restoring your home to a state of cool comfort, your electric bills will decrease substantially.

These and similar problems can be avoided with annual air conditioning service. To investigate Port Richey HVAC maintenance plans, visit Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating, or call us at (727) 877-3189 to schedule seasonal air conditioning service.

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