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Even the most well-maintained commercial refrigeration systems can develop problems, just like other equipment. They might develop these issues at the most unexpected times, like when you purchase new stock for your grocery store or during the evening rush hour at your restaurant. Here are the most common ways a commercial refrigerator can break down in Port Richey, FL.

1. Compressor Issues

Commercial refrigerator systems can only function optimally if the evaporator and compressor are working as they should. A faulty compressor sends hot gas to the refrigerator’s condenser. Call a certified technician to check on the appliance if you notice high energy bills or don’t hear a constant humming sound from your commercial refrigerator.

2. Temperature Problems

Your commercial refrigerator has a vital role: it’s meant to keep food cold, and if it doesn’t do that, you could have a variety of problems on your hands. A commercial refrigerator that doesn’t cool your products well could be suffering from a malfunctioning compressor, thermostat issues, bad door seals or refrigerator leaks. Call a commercial refrigeration technician to check the appliance if you suspect a temperature issue.

3. Lighting Issues

Some commercial refrigerator problems can be minor, like lighting issues. If the lights of your commercial refrigerator aren’t functioning, you might need to replace them. Ensure that the manufacturer approves of the replacement bulb to avoid the possibility of burning out the electrical sockets.

4. Unusual and Loud Noises

You shouldn’t overlook any unusual or loud noise from your commercial refrigerator. Some common culprits of weird noises may include mechanical problems and faulty motors, fans or compressors. Contact an experienced commercial technician to repair your appliance and have your restaurant or store running effectively.

If your commercial refrigerator isn’t functioning optimally or you notice any of the above common problems, it’s time to contact a repair technician. The good news is that an expert can repair these common commercial issues if discovered early. Schedule an appointment with Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating today for professional maintenance programs and refrigeration repairs.

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