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By keeping an eye on your Port Richey commercial refrigeration equipment, you can identify threats quickly and take corrective action. Scheduling commercial refrigeration services regularly is the best way to avoid trouble, but you should still monitor your equipment. If you encounter these situations, schedule commercial refrigerator repair immediately. The sooner the problem is resolved, the less damage and downtime it can cause.

1. Leaks

Puddles are never a good sign. A clogged drainage line can cause water leaks. Clogs can also interfere with the defrosting mechanism. Ice could appear inside the unit and on food. Frost can damage electrical and motor components and excessive moisture could cause microbial growth. Puddles can also be refrigerant that’s leaking out.

2. Frosty Buildup

If ice is forming on food or inside the unit, the temperature setting may be too high. The thermostat or the defrosting mechanism might be bad. Ice can also be caused by a worn gasket. Regardless of the cause, food can get freezer burn and the compressor could be damaged.

3. Exterior or Interior Warmth

Warmth or condensation on the outside of the unit or water droplets inside the unit indicates temperature problems. Sweating refrigerators can be caused by a damaged gasket or by dirty condenser coils. Warm interior temperatures can develop if the unit is leaking refrigerant.

4. Suspicious Noises

Abnormal noises are cause for immediate concern. The only noise you should hear is a quiet humming while the compressor is running. If the humming sounds different or there is less humming than usual, the compressor may be going bad. That’s especially likely if the system isn’t cooling properly.

At Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating, our commercial refrigerator repair services can keep your business running smoothly. Call us at (727) 877-3189 to learn more about our commercial preventive maintenance plans.

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