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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment often come with a limited warranty. As a homeowner in Brooksville, FL, this warranty covers your equipment in case there’s a system failure or breakdown. It is vital to consider the various issues that may void the warranty for the HVAC equipment installed in your home this fall season.

1. Improper Equipment Installation

Proper HVAC system installation is crucial to the validity of your warranty. In situations where the system gets improperly installed, the warranty gets invalidated as the equipment may get exposed to higher chances of breaking down. You should hire a professional to install new equipment in your home.

2. Using Non-Manufacturer Replacement Parts

Most air conditioning equipment warranties always require you to use manufacturer replacement parts. In situations where you choose aftermarket service parts when repairing the equipment, your HVAC warranty gets automatically voided. Even if the aftermarket spare parts are considerably cheaper, opting for the manufacturer-branded replacement parts will keep your warranty valid.

3. Failure to Keep Records

All records relating to the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of your HVAC system should be properly kept for future reference. The documents come in handy when filing for a claim. Claims get processed much faster and with a high degree of certainty of getting compensation. If you lose these documents, your HVAC equipment insurer won’t be able to validate your warranty and ascertain the insurance claims.

4. Failure to Perform Scheduled Maintenance

For the guaranteed functioning of your HVAC system, it is strongly advised to adhere to the recommended annual maintenance schedule. In instances where you forget or ignore the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule, your HVAC system warranty may become void. Contact Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating for comprehensive HVAC maintenance in Brooksville, FL, and get reliable service for your heating system this fall.

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