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It may surprise you to discover that you aren’t keeping your restaurant’s ice machine free of contaminants. Despite adhering to manufacturer recommendations for cleaning, violations still happen. Here are four things you don’t want to find in your Holiday, FL, restaurant’s ice machine.

1. Debris

Dust and dirt end up in your ice machine and, in turn, dirty ice gets passed on to customers in the restaurant. Most machines use fans to cool the condenser. The air pulled into the machine can be chock full of debris, contaminating the ice.

2. Pest Infestation

Insects like cockroaches and ants and even larger pests like rats will make a home in ice machines. Despite the cold, the machine has nooks that reach temperatures of 90° Fahrenheit.

Finding pests in the machine is a costly irritant. You need to shut the machine down, call an exterminator, find an alternate place for ice and have a technician check it.

3. Bacteria, Slime and Viruses

Particles gather in areas where the ice machine produces moisture. The combination of moisture and particles can grow bacteria and slime. Airborne viruses are also a threat since people are constantly opening and closing the machine.

To minimize these risks, ask a professional to thoroughly clean the machine. Install air purifiers to improve air quality and minimize contaminants in the air.

4. Fecal Matter

Taking out the garbage or using the bathroom without washing your hands afterward can lead to transferring all types of germs to ice supplies. Hand washing has to be a strict policy. Soap, water and scrubbing for 20 seconds is the standard for minimizing germ transmission.

Clean your machine as often as possible. But don’t overlook the maintenance that only an HVAC technician can provide. Call Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating to have your ice machines properly sanitized and maintained.

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