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You’re probably aware that many factors can influence the quality of sleep you get, but did you know that your HVAC system is one of them? Read on and discover four ways your HVAC system can influence the sleep you get in your Port Richey, FL home.


Humans naturally fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly in a cooler environment. If your HVAC system fails to keep the temperature of your bedroom optimal throughout the night, your sleep quality may suffer. HVAC zoning is a good solution to the problem, allowing you to keep bedrooms cooler at night than the rest of the home.


Similarly, a room that has levels of humidity that are too high or too low can impact your rest. High humidity can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable, and low humidity can cause sore throats or dry skin. You may need to have a humidifier or dehumidifier installed, depending on your specific circumstances.

Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC system that isn’t working optimally will leave dirt and other pollutants hanging in the air. These can irritate those living in the home and cause health issues, especially in those with asthma. Changing the filter regularly helps with this, as does installing an air purifier.


An older HVAC system can operate loud enough to keep you from sleeping well. A system that’s on the verge of breaking down will often increase in volume or start making new noises altogether. Squeals, hums and bangs are all signs you need a repair.

Want to know more about how your HVAC system can affect your quality of sleep? Give us a call today at Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your HVAC repair needs and questions!

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