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The air quality in your home plays a big role in your family’s overall health. That’s why it is important to have the cleanest indoor air possible. Here are five reasons to improve the indoor air quality in your Port Richey, FL, home.


If you or someone in your family has an asthma condition, it can worsen with poor air quality. Harmful particles that escape through the ductwork can invade the respiratory system, causing an asthma attack.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that come with dust in dwellings. These mites can also invade your respiratory system and cause health issues. With clean air, you will have less dust in your air ducts.


Particles that build up in the ductwork can cause strange odors in your home. These odors can persist and become more extreme if left untreated. With clean indoor air, you are less likely to have strange, unpleasant smells circulating in your home.


Pollen can work its way into your ducts, and your HVAC system can blow it throughout your home. This can lead to sneezing and other health-related concerns.

Dryness and Irritation in Your Eyes, Nose and Throat

When you get a buildup of particles in your HVAC system, it will circulate throughout your home and eventually find its way into your body. This can lead to persistent dryness and irritation in your eyes, nose and throat.

Contact Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating in Port Richey, FL, to improve your indoor air quality and enjoy a significant improvement in the atmosphere inside your house. If you have questions about our indoor air quality products, our team will be more than happy to help you choose a product that’s right for you. Let our top air conditioning and heating team offer you effective indoor air quality solutions.

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