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An HVAC unit is designed to add comfort to spaces by increasing or decreasing the temperature indoors and to keep the level of humidity at safe levels. When your Palm Harbor, FL heating and air conditioning system doesn’t work optimally, efficiency decreases, parts wear out quickly, and utility bills skyrocket. Ensuring that your unit is in top working order always increases the lifespan of the air conditioner and furnace and keeps you from paying the electric company extra month after month.

Signs That Your HVAC Unit is Failing

When your unit is worn out and beyond repair, you’ll know instantly. It won’t be as efficient heating and cooling the air inside your home or business. You may notice that it has continued to get louder as it has aged. Your energy bills might have increased, too, yet you’ve kept your thermostat where you normally have it the rest of the year.

How You Know It’s Time to Replace and Not Repair a Unit

Other signs that you need a new HVAC unit include:

  • It’s ten years old or older: Newer, more energy-efficient models exist for you to use. You can save nearly 40% on your monthly utility bills by replacing an old model with one that is Energy Star rated.
  • Parts are hard to replace: R-22 refrigerant is being phased out. Puron or R-410A is what is being used now in air conditioners. Newer models use R-410A because it protects the compressor. Parts are designed to absorb and release the heat that causes burnout.
  • Repairs come often and at a high expense: If you constantly need a technician to come out and repair your unit, it’s time for an HVAC replacement. The initial cost may be higher but the payout over time will be greater.

Talk to Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating about your HVAC concerns right away. We’ll diagnose your problem and help you replace your faulty unit. Call us for a free estimate and to schedule service at your home or place of business today.

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