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The primary purpose of an HVAC system is to provide comfort and improve your indoor air quality. However, without enough ventilation in your Hudson, FL, home, you might experience health issues and comfort issues. This is where ventilation comes in handy since it can help improve your air quality.

Proper Ventilation Helps Control Indoor Humidity

Extreme indoor humidity plays a significant role in enhancing the growth of biological contaminants. Aggravated indoor humidity may arise from low air exchange, inadequate rehabilitation or construction and poor construction design that inhibits suitable water disposal.

During the winter season, poor ventilation can increase your home’s humidity due to increased activities and insufficient mechanical and natural ventilation. During the summer season, the HVAC system can pull humid and warm air to your home, causing indoor humidity problems. This can negatively affect your air quality.

Proper Ventilation Helps Control Airborne Contaminants

Both indoor and outdoor airborne contaminants can negatively affect your home’s air quality. Therefore, ensure you have fans to send the exhaust outside when you’re cooking with appliances like cookstoves and gas boilers. Furthermore, gas-powered heating devices should have power-vented systems to eradicate contaminants of incomplete combustion.

To eradicate outdoor contaminants, use filters with a MERV 6-8 rating to trap the small pollutants. However, if you want to trap molecules that can aggravate allergies, use a filter with a higher rating.

Using Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Two types of ventilation can help improve your air quality: dilution ventilation and spot ventilation. Dilution ventilation helps improve the air quality of your whole home by exchanging indoor air with outdoor air. Spot ventilation uses fans to clean the air.

If you want to improve your air quality, consider investing in a reliable HVAC system. Contact Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating to learn more about indoor air quality and book your next HVAC maintenance service visit.

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