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The advantages of ductless air conditioning are compelling. If you want to save money and enhance indoor comfort, mini-splits can cool one room or chill your entire Port Richey, Florida home.

Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits deliver cooled air directly to rooms that need it. Cooled air doesn’t travel through leaky ducts, so no energy is lost in transit. Instead of running at full throttle or not at all, inverter-driven compressors speed up and slow down according to current cooling needs. The energy surge associated with frequent AC startup is avoided, and the system maintains a consistent indoor temperature.

Multiple Cooling Applications

Ductless air conditioning is great for whole-house cooling. This is especially true in older homes without ductwork. Mini-splits can also cool a room addition, garage workshop, attic apartment and hard-to-cool spaces like sunrooms and enclosed porches.

Independent Cooling Zones

One or more indoor units are powered by an outdoor unit. Each indoor unit controls a cooling zone with its own remote thermostat. Although traditional air conditioners can be equipped with add-on zoning technology, they’re not as efficient as mini-splits because cooled air still escapes through leaky ducts.

Speedy Installation

An entire ductless air conditioning installation takes only one or two days. All you need is a small hole in the wall through which to run the tubing that connects the outdoor unit with the indoor air handlers.

Cleaner Indoor Air

The moist ductwork interior is a perfect hideaway for illness-causing microbes and allergens. Without ducts, it’s harder for these contaminants to gain a foothold in your Port Richey home. Mini-split systems even have advanced filtration systems that help to keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

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