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Are you unhappy with the performance quality of your Spring Hill, FL, HVAC system? If you are, you may think the problem is something internal, like the heat exchanger or air filters. The problem could be the location of your thermostat, so avoid installing yours in the following spots in your home.


The hallway may seem like the ideal place to install a thermostat, but it’s not. The long and slender shape of a hallway prevents an accurate temperature reading that represents the average temperature in your home.

Rooms with a Lot of Windows

Even well-insulated windows are going to let more cold air in than a wall. Increased cold air builds around a thermostat’s sensor, causing a temperature reading that is lower than the actual temperature. This will cause efficiency problems with the furnace because the thermostat’s bad reading forces it to overwork.

Direct Sunlight

It feels great to sit in the sunlight, but not so much for your thermostat. The constant heat rays make the thermostat think the temperature is too high. This means the furnace won’t turn on when you need it to, and your home will be cold.

Basement or Attic

Make sure you install your thermostat in a room you use on a regular basis, like the living room or dining room. Avoid exterior areas like the basement or attic. These areas give an incorrect temperature reading while also being a pain to go to every time you want to change the temperature in your house.

If you think your HVAC could use some improvements and your thermostat’s placement may be the issue, give us a call at Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating. We have been providing local residents with professional HVAC services since 1953. We care about your comfort.

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