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Whether you’re a florist who needs to store flowers, the manager of a restaurant, or a bar owner, you’ll need great refrigeration to keep your New Port Richey, Florida, business running smoothly and efficiently. The R-value, also called the R-factor, measures the resistance of a material to the transfer of heat. The R-value will impact the type of walk-in refrigerator or freezer you choose, your company’s operating costs, and the life of your equipment.

Choosing a Walk-In Refrigerator or Freezer

When you choose a refrigeration unit, the amount and type of insulation are important factors. It keeps your utility bills low along with the temperature inside, and it protects your inventory and preserves it for as long as possible. Insulation with a higher R-value is more effective, and a freezer usually has a higher R-value than a refrigerator. Most walk-in coolers or refrigerators have an R-factor of about 25, but many models have much higher values.

Extending the Life of Your Equipment

Insulation becomes compacted over time and the R-value decreases. You can make sure the equipment you choose lasts as long as possible simply by checking the estimated R-factor in five years, as well as the current one. A higher R-value saves your refrigeration unit from having to work as hard, reducing wear and preventing costly breakdowns.

Minimizing Operating Costs

Refrigerators and freezers with higher R-values are more costly but the investment is worth it for a few reasons. You can lower your energy expenses and increase your profits. A refrigerator or freezer with a high R-factor can even pay for itself by reducing ongoing costs. They can also help the environment by lowering your power needs and reducing pollution from fossil fuels.

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