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As HVAC experts in Port Richey, FL, we understand the need for residents to get maximum indoor comfort. For this reason, we encourage everyone to get the right HVAC size to avoid inconveniences of compromised comfort. In this post, we highlight signs to watch out for that indicate you have the wrong sized HVAC system.

High Energy Bills

Generally speaking, a larger unit than necessary will quickly attain the required settings and shut down. After a little while, the unit will start operating again once the temperatures fall short of desired settings. These numerous short cycles consume a lot of extra energy resulting in high costs.

However, a smaller unit runs continuously as it does not have sufficient capacity to cool or warm the entire home. This non-stop operation consumes a lot of energy as well, also translating into high bills.

Frequent Repairs

A small HVAC unit will overwork and run for long hours, causing the system to break down faster due to wear and tear. Similarly, short cycles of larger units inflict lots of damage and a shorter lifespan of your equipment. If you notice you schedule many more seasonal maintenances than usual, you might be having the wrong size.

High Humidity Levels

If your home has an HVAC unit that is too large, it’ll turn on and off frequently. These short cycles aren’t enough for the system to complete the dehumidification process. Consequently, your home is likely to be very humid.

A properly sized HVAC system will efficiently create a comfortable home environment. At Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating, we assess and calculate the appropriate HVAC size for your commercial or residential unit. We also provide refrigeration, ductwork, indoor air quality, and home zoning automation services. Call us at Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating today for all your heating and cooling concerns.

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