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You should always want to be in command of your thermostat in your Port Richey, FL, home. This is especially true in the midst of a hot, Florida summer, and you need air conditioning to keep you cool. A smart thermostat can offer you tremendous benefits.

Reduce Electrical Bills

Smart thermostats can save you money on your utility bills every month. You can schedule your HVAC system for when you want it to run so that it does not run when you don’t need it to, creating excessive energy usage. Some individuals have seen savings of up to 20% off their electrical bills just by switching to a smart thermostat.

Remote Controls

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home from a remote location via an application on your mobile device or tablet. You can make sure your house is cool when you arrive home on a warm summer day. You will even know if you need to call us for an air conditioning system repair if you notice that you aren’t receiving adequate airflow.

Smart Scheduling

You can use a smart thermostat to automatically make schedules for your air conditioning and heat. Many smart thermostats are able to detect movement. Thus, they are able to automatically adjust the temperature for when people are home. They can even use that information to make a recommendation for a schedule that you can set the thermostat to.

Easy Installation

Smart thermostats are extremely easy to install. All it takes is the utilization of the correct wiring to ensure you don’t face any faults in your system in the future. Program your smart thermostat to the schedules you need to keep your home comfortable after it’s installed.

Selecting a Smart Thermostat

We can provide the expertise you need to get a smart thermostat in your home. Meet us for a consultation to get details on how a smart thermostat can benefit you. Contact Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating to find out more about how smart thermostats can benefit your home.

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