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Countless homeowners in Hudson, FL, enjoy the many benefits and versatility of owning a heat pump. Even though a heat pump is the most preferred air conditioning system due to its efficiency and all-in-one cooling and heating option, it can have problems, especially if regular maintenance hasn’t been provided. The following are some possible causes why your heat pump will fail to stop heating and cooling and what you should do.

Thermostat Is Not Correctly Set

Setting your thermostat too high during winter or too low during summer may cause it to run continuously as it tries to keep up with the temperatures you set it for. Check if the settings are okay before reaching out for professional assistance.

If settings are okay and still fail to switch off, the thermostat could be faulty or it could be the wiring connecting it to the heat pump with a problem. A reputable HVAC company will diagnose the problem and offer a lasting solution.

The Contactor Is Faulty

The compressor contactor regulates the amount of power that reaches your pump. If it’s been a while since you scheduled routine air conditioning maintenance, then there may be a possibility that your compressor contactor is not functioning well. When heat pumps fail to perform to their optimum level, they will run continuously to meet the required warmth.

Clogged Air Filters

For a heat pump to run efficiently, there must be a constant supply of fresh air. However, if the filter is coated with dirt, it may run continuously to keep your Hudson home comfortable. Call us for regular maintenance, clean the clogged filters and replace the damaged filters with new ones to end the problem.

A well-functioning heat pump system is crucial for your Hudson home in maintaining quality indoor air throughout all the seasons. If you are looking for reputable technicians to service your heat pump contact Crystal Air Conditioning & Heating today for all your heating problems and maintenance.

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